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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Morn'

Not a creature is stirring, well maybe a 7lb yorkie -- I am sitting in front of the fireplace thinking about 2010. It's been a great year. I have had the healthiest streak in a while. Thank you God. I have lost a job and found a better one. I have stood up for what I believed in and was the right thing to do, even when it was no the "popular" thing to do. I have asked for guidance, and then not taken my will back. I have grown with my family and had fun new adventures. A's first year of soccer. A new puppy, Bella, who has changed or lives. The friendships that were true, have really prospered. My relationship has grown beyond bounds. I have done a lot of self reflection and truly learned that I am human... that is huge for me. I am not invincible... and that is okay. That makes me stronger. I can walk 1/2 of a planned run and still have done a workout. I have stayed IV free for the longest period in 18 months. I have grown to feel for the CF community in a way I never thought I would connect with people across the world on the internet. Ronnie and Mandi created CysticLife, which has changed my life and enabled me to see that yes, I am pretty much an ordinary CF-er ( definitely go there and register). Piper's lungs gave me hope, and Conner Reed Jones' departure from this physical world broke my heart into a thousand pieces as he lost a very valiant effort of a fight with CF and PBS. I truly CARE about these people and think of them each day. I am very very blessed.

Bless you all on this eve of Christmas the year 2010.

Over and out-


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