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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Becoming A Blogger

As is clearly obvious in the lags between the TWO posts Ihave made, Ive not been committed to blogging-- I am now committing... for a few reasons.
1. I actually DO like to write.
2. I've grown so much from the blogs I read on a daily basis and I want to give back.
3. It helps me heal-- in all ways, whether it be from a bug in my lungs that i can write about and put out there and not be alone with, or about the exhaustion, or the less than average run or the simple human fact that i found the BEST hoodie ever at Dick's Sporting Goods (I've been on a lifelong "best hoodie" search) and they didn't have my size... now I have visited that store about 40 times since September.. I just cannot justiy spending 80 on a hoodie...I'm much better at justifying spending the money on everyone else... just who I am.

At any rate I'm here and have dedicated my time to posting at least 4 times a week. If I disappear, which COULD happen for a trip to the hospital, I'll let you know, else if you need to reach me I am at tarahurlburt (at) gmail (dot) com

The main areas of my life that seem to get the most attention are my partner N, her son A, running, reading, CF, my spiritual beliefs, my job and the mere oddities I encounter as I dance through life.

Thanks for having me here folks...
Be well.


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