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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i carry your heart, i carry it in my heart

Title ee cummings

I am currently on day 8 of an inpatient hospital stay to treat an exacerbation due to cystic fibrosis. My pulmonary function is normally high-- normal pretty much-- it dropped about 40% so in I came -- I'm on say 10 of iv antibiotics which have kicked the infection-- pulmonary function up 12% from admission as of Monday, but I can feel that it is more now-- just need the data-

I'm hoping to get out by Friday, but... They have ascertained that my heart isn't working so efficiently -- I have had a regurgitation in my mitral valve--- but they are going to do some tests to check it out as well as a few other tests-- I'm scared ---

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OceanDesert said...

Hoping these lead to you feeling even BETTER! Hang in there!

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