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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Liquid Laptops

Im clumsy... or some would say, "not mindful"--Either of those might be true.

I am working from home today and I spilled 8oz of water on my work laptop.

A month ago I spilled a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte on my Macbook.

A year ago I spilled a bottle of gatorade on my partners Macbook.

(I really could go on, but you folks get the picture.)--
The irony.. it's water. Its' coffee. No adult beverages involved.

I got to thinking (again, because these spill incidents give me plenty of opportunity to think) about the mindfulness piece.. not necessarily just about spilling.. that just happens to be one of my larger offenses right now.. but entire mindfulness.

I'm not mindful. I run and throw up in a garbage I have set up beside my treadmill. I believe that a mindful person might have great pause and think, "I am very nauseous today-- I will walk."  Nope Not me, though because I am not a mindful person I'm not sure exactly how that would all pan out.

As Yoda would say, "Do or do not, there is no such thing as try.", so while in the past I have tried to be mindful.. you know, waiting less than a month to be tested for CDiff after 10x day bouts with Diarrhea ... but I guess trying doesn't cut it so much with mindfulness... may be I just have to take the plunge and slow down...

My two speeds are awake and asleep.. and whilst awake I do most things at 150 mph and whilst asleep I cannot be woken... So mindfulness.. I will report back.. I'll give it some time.. see what happens.. Better for the bank account, that's for sure..

I've been running.. 12+ miles this week... I'm also feeling really happy and good about it.. not helping my belly problems, but quieting my mind and getting up a TON of mucous.

All in all a waterlogged laptop isn't great.. but I'm here and that counts.


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