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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011--- GO.

We are in the 2nd day of the year 2011. I have slept past noon on both days due to illness. I will most probably start IV abx tomorrow. My facebook friend Jamie is in the hospital and could surely use prayers. Little A turned 5 yesterday and we had cake for after breakfast.. he loved that.
Its been a really mellow sort of few days that I have really needed and truly enjoyed with my love, N.
Work rings tomorrow... and that is fine...I will plow through. Until that time thought.. we are going to whole foods to get delicious food for the week and organizing a part of the garage if I can do that...
I like this laid back relaxing way the last few days... I love my life and I am truly grateful.
Over and out on a feverish kind of day.


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