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Monday, January 31, 2011

Missing Pieces and Not a good looker

I fell prey to yet another piece of workout equipment. It is the IRONMAN workout. It's a pull up bar looking thing that you hang on  your door frame and do pull ups, abs etc and you can take it down in "just seconds" to do triceps dips, abs and pushups.


That's not the point of the story... It came with 4 bolt things to put it together.. yes.. only 4. I had to take it apart 3 times and vowed that there was "definitely a pieces missing." If you ask N. this is is not an uncommon expression... as matter of fact I was thinking it yesterday.

A and my mom were making a 100 piece dinosaur puzzle after sledding. My mom couldn't find an edge piece so I thought, "there must be a piece missing."

The day before that A and I were making a LegoCity Airplane and I couldn't find a few pieces and I called to N that this set, like his other 868609 lego sets came with missing pieces... she kind of just looks at me funny now and walks away...

There is truly no point in this blog entry... I'm not a good looker... and A tells me I am, and that's wonderful.. but he's 5.

I think all of this goes back to my lack of mindfulness... at any rate I fell prey to the IRONMAN pull up bar. It works great after you put it together.


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