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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little victories

I am a list-maker. I transfer lists from i-devices to paper and back. I am completely anxious if I cannot complete said list. I am NOT spontaneous, but am at times impulsive. I lay out plans and I follow them.

In the northeast today it is above 90. I completed my lists and was sitting at the kitchen table. I thought , maybe I will go to the lake for 2 hours...

What??!!?? So I thought long and hard about it for a good 20 minutes... Action, consequences etc. So... I packed 96 oz of Gatorade, my chair , sunscreen and the nook. I drove the 3 miles and took this is...

The little road reminds me of Robert frost.
And then I sat and looked at this...

And the world saw this...

And all the while I really came to understand that sometimes, just sometimes it's okay to leave the list on the kitchen table and the laundry unfolded and simply bask in the beauty of gods world.

Happy Tuesday


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