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Saturday, June 4, 2011

saturday (almost) sunrise

I'm up again. This time, however, it had very little to do with sadness and a racy mind, and much more to do with the great idea I had that we have a family slumber party... we got ale a full sized loft bed to go over his bed for a few reasons... the whole "nook" effect under, having a place for grandma and grandpa to sleep, and keeping his room updated to his age.

SO, i wanted to be sure nitza or i slept in that upper bed for comfort, safety etc before ale slept there alone, so why not call it a slumber party...

and so i am awake. the five year old sundial is skinny with bony elbows and knees, but the bed was fine :)

ale rode his bike for the first time this season yesterday. it was adorable. he is a very very cautious little guy. he has always approached life that way. last year on his bike he peddled, but stayed close to me. this year, i put his helmet on him and did the whole bike safety check thing and helped him on the bike and turned to close the garage door and the boy was gone... like lightening bolt. so he gave me his "taggie" to hold and I ran roadside next to him while he peddled away in flip-flops and crazy looking hair and we were a sight to behold and it was the most beautiful 40 minutes of my day.


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