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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Then and Now- the 2011 edition

For the sake of this post, then encompasses 2000-2008 and now is 2008 onward. Ok.. Glad we got that squared away.  I was athletically active from the time I was about 6, maybe before. I played year round soccer, basketball and later softball. After high school and college, I became a runner and then a triathlete (to pacify this swimming coach at the gym I went to who regularly told me I had promise) and then a runner again.

There are a few things I know about myself. I often compare myself to myself at other points in time and realize that is not healthy. I am extremely competitive against myself and I push myself way harder than a human should be pushed.

I had a pretty severe bicycle accident in 2006/7 when I was training for Ironman Wisconsin. It resulted in 18 procedures/surgeries and the finale was the loss of my right kidney. I was hit by a car and needless to say, my road biking/triathlon career ended at that precise moment... that is fine with me. It was then. It was at a time.  My CF spiraled out of control from that point until now (simply just meaning the last 2 weeks) and I was unable to re-reach that physical fitness, but I've never lost hope that I will one day run 6x a week. As they say, "Every journey must start with a single step." (I did not coin that phrase, and I'm   sure I got it wrong, but credit where credit is due.) Today I no longer want to be 5% body fat. Today I want to be happy.

That all being said. I LOVE with all my heart and soul, to run. I love the motion, the speed (or lack of speed as these days would have it), the sweatiness, the dried salt all over my body, the mental clarity...

I Love to Run.

I went through the archives (then) to reminisce and I was thrilled that I had that time, then... but you know... I am much happier and stronger now. 

The following photos are circa 2004-2007

Those are all pretty cool pictures to have in my scrapbook.. but wait.. look at this joy

This is me now (today actually) happily propelling forward in some motion... I guess until you can't do something you don't realize how happy you really are doing it.

I am blessed because I can breathe.


Josh said...

I see great things for you, Tara. I have no idea what they are or where they will take you, but that is what makes destiny amazing. We don't know why until we are in the midst of fulfilling them.


Tara said...

Thanks Josh... I hope you are hanging in there... I guess its all about putting one foot in front of the other..

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