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Monday, June 6, 2011

what the pft?

As most of you know, I have had a terrible year plus. My pft's hit their all time low about 8 weeks ago at an fev1 of 51%. I was sick. It took some time, but the root cause of my systemic infections and inability to fight infections was finally identified and treated.

I went today to blow pft's and THIS is what happened:

That is an FEV1 of 134%.  What???? I was whooping and hollering and happy.. because I've spent, of the last 24 months, at least 18 of them with my port accessed and some cocktail of 2 or 3 antibiotics going into my system.  For the grace of god...
We also drew liver labs and did a sputum.
This topped off a really wonderful weekend.

About 5 miles from our home is a cute little lake and it happens to be ale's favorite summer spot... we spend most weekends there as a family or with friends... this weekend we spent saturday at the lake with some friends:

Ale looking out at the water

Cuddling into his monkey towel

Nitza drinks gatorade

He's the muddy king of the lake!!

... and much to Nitza's dismay.. a tadpole.

On Sunday we went to MA to celebrate my sister's graduation with a picnic.

Erin's Backyard

Erin and her diploma

Erin's card

Mom and Oscar

Kelly and Oscar


Tom and Oscar

Brother Mike and his girlfriend and son


Mom, Nitza and Ale

I am truly grateful for the abundance of my life.


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