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Saturday, March 12, 2011

a photobooth saturday and working the lungs

I woke up just before four this morning struggling a little bit with my cough and the morning headache hit early today..

The pups and I spent three hours downstairs before N and A woke. It was reflective and good actually. Sometimes I just let silence hold me with no expectation.. no give, no take...just the slight reverberation of silence on my soul... which really needed it.

A came down first... he always comes down first and we played a little photobooth...

A little uncertain
Having a lot of fun

Look at my Lego Guy

Funny Faces





Best Buddies

Where do i look?

He Told me I look like "james goes buzz buzz"

Beautiful Boy

Still a little sleepy

5 Year old A


7 am family Picture
and again

Today was good. I exercised, and struggled, but followed through. The puppies are home from the puppy tylenol scare so there is pure pandemonium throughout.. and their little noises make me so happy.

A and I washed and cleaned the inside of both cars, because we promised we would and we are really the root cause of the mess.

We got N her new (#5857676) dining room rug.

We played in the back yard (T ball) for a little while and interspersed in that I rested, did treatments, A played with legos and N rushed around cleaning and getting the patio furniture ready -- I know, it's early... but she's happy...

So despite my lingering infection, cough and back pain when I breathe... it was a a simple and perfect day... A said, "One of my best stay at home days ever." (That's what he calls weekends)

So I am full of a lovely god, a lovely boy, a lovely spouse, a lovely home and a hope (thank your Sara Dun for pointing that out)--- and I am going to hold on to those things and the rest always falls into place.

happy photobooth saturday morning


Josh said...

This makes me happy. :-)

Maria said...

Ditto what Josh said.

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