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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adventures with Alejandro

I am blessed beyond belief every day that I am alive...I feel that in my being.

Thursday night ale started to sound like a frog. His voice was crackly and his nose was extremely runny and he had a tiny fever... He had a tough night coughing son we kept him home from school on Friday, which I felt good about anyway because it was good Friday and we've used Easter as a time to really talk about god and Jesus with him. He understands that Jesus was crucified and died for us to live. He is also a very logically thinking boy so he's asked a lot of questions and requested a timeline of holy week. He's got the basics down. Jesus died on Friday, went to heaven on Saturday and rose again on We went to target and I got meds and a new chapstick as well as some groceries and target was busier than Christmas -- we were in the checkout line for a while discussing now it was earth day and the things we do to contribute tomthe earths well being etc when ale looked a little stoic and announced in Avery well articulated voice that YES it was earth day but much more importantly it was the day that Jesus died and thAt was much more important than earth day... Well said little man... So naturally everyone turned and gave that " this child knows too much" look at me and I smiled proudly for my boy...

We've had a great few days together....on Friday night we took him to his first ever movie in a theatre tom see rio. He frightens easily and we were a little bit concerned but he handled the whole scene very well, only pointing out the "bad" words I.e shut up and stupid. He also picked up a few funny lines so it was all worth it.

Today nitza got her hair cut etc and nails done so it was a long day for ale and I at the mall. He and I went and got him his Easter outfit and we were checking out when he professed that he needed to ask me a question. He asks a LOT of questions, but he always prefaces it with, "I have to ask you a question." So anyway, he says, "Tari, is swear a bad word?" and I paused, thinking that it was an impressive question and wondering what really goes on in his head... So I said,"No Ale. The word swear is a word to describe a bad word." That sustained him for 3 seconds.

I found myself very grateful for our ongoing conversation that starts when he wakes up and breaks only when he talks to Nitza and continues when he talks to me.

The funniest Ale-ism of the day was in the car when we were all leaving the mall. He asked if God made earth first before trees. Nitza said that God had to have made earth first before trees because if trees came first and there was no earth, where would the trees grow.  He was pacified by that and asked how long it took God to create the Earth (Ale has been obsessed with God for the last few months) I started to tell him the story of creation... One the first day.... and he asked if all people knew that God created the Earth and I told him that there were many schools of thought.. that scientists believed one thing and christians believed another... he paused and asked if he could go to that school when he was bigger...

So now the boy sleeps excited to go to church in the morning and then head north to my mom's and have an easter egg hunt and get his easter basket from the easter bunny-- we decided to have that be a special grandma's house kind of thing and keep the easter bunny stuff at bay around here...
My life is amazing.. my heart is full and that little boy just makes me smile and think and pause in moments when i need it most...

I hope never to forget that one ALWAYS can run faster in a new pair of sneakers... that even when someone who is 5 promises to carry his juice, I will end up carrying it... that when I say I will give him a kiss when he's asleep and I am off to bed I'd better not forget, because I will be asked about it first thing in the morning... that 5 is not too young to handle big truths... that streudel is a breakfast food because it does have fruit in it... and that there are never too many legos.

Happy Easter to you all.. I will post pictures of our day on Monday and I have a week coming up full of medical procedures for a change < insert SARCASM here> so I'll write as I can.

Be well


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