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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Always Something it seems

I have had gastritis for a long time. It flares up awful every 6 months or so and I admit I drink coffee. I could subsist on coffee. I love coffee.... anndddd I'm really not supposed to drink coffee... at all, ever. So I'm not a great patient in that I understand fully the consequences of drinking coffee and normally I can maintain the delicate balance, but I'm at home on STD for a bit until my PFT's stabilize and the bone marrow stuff gets worked out so I've been drinking perhaps a little bit too much coffee... at any rate the pain started 2 nights ago... and Ale worries so I tough it out as best I can...after I brought him to school yesterday I came home and sat for a while and realized this was not a tough it out situation. I called the doc and went to the ER and got treated... good ole pain meds, Zofran, 4 liters of fuid and a bag of Nexium. After 9 hours.. good to go... I do feel a TON better.  I will have to have another endoscopy. I have them every 6 months or so it seems just to make sure that the acidic spots on my stomach lining haven't started bleeding.. so far so good... and here I sit drinking coffee.. I did put more milk in it this morning thinking that the milk might be helpful (my poor attempt at justification...)
It just seems there is always something sometimes... but we roll with it... 
While in the ED after explaining my immune system problem, which they already have in the computer and CF, they put me in a room with a guy. This guy admittedly smokes 2 packs a day (kind of like me drinking coffee I guess) and he has full blown pneumonia. The doctor told his wife, "you know its contagious right."
WHAT?!?!?!? So I pressed the call bell and the nurse came in and I explained as quietly as I could on pain meds my concerns for the contagion factor... she said, they curtain prevents droplets... WHAT!?!??!?! and she walked away... so.. all that being said, we'll see how it goes in the next week. I am prone to catching anything, but the disregard was frightening. I know they were busy and I hate ED's but the doc thought the best thing would be to get in there and get the treatment in an attempt to control it until I could get into his office... argh...
So its Saturday morning and Nitza is home and I love that and I'm so grateful for beauty... it surrounds me.


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