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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday and Little Boy Haircuts

After I picked Ale up from school yesterday we went to pick up some prescriptions for me (a common occurrence... Ale and the pharmacist George, are great pals) at Target. Going to Target, as most people who know me know well, is bliss. I can never go for one thing. I have to do a full Target "walkaround" in the same order each time. So, all that being said, we got my meds and headed over to the new grocery section (which I now love but didn't at first because it was change and I really like routine --No Change). Ale and I debated the pros and cons of Welch's fruit chewies vs the Target brand... He won, as I had no solid defense for the Target brand (which I usually buy) and Alejandro is a boy that loves facts. We went to books so he could look at a lego book and a Chuggington book. I folded (I usually do) and we bought a Chuggington video. It's our first. We own every Thomas video (and engine for that matter) so Ale wanted to try Chuggington. We went by clothing and then digressed and went and bought a clipper set for his hair. The boy's hair is like velcro and for the sake of his preference I decided I would give him a cut.

We popped Chuggington into my Mac and I cut his hair. 
This is the after picture which I took today:

Pretty adorable. (I'm very biased)

These are the curls before:

We had fun and tomorrow is picture day. 

I'm feeling grateful for my family.. my Nitza and Alejandro, my mom and Tom, Kelly, Nate and Oscar, Erin, Mike and Gram...

My life is full of abundance and looking into the eyes of this boy remind me of that every day...


OceanDesert said...

Hi, my name is Sara, and I too cannot walk out of Target with only one thing! ;0

Ale is TOO cute!!! I don't think I could say no to that face either!!

Tara said...

I know... I am a victim of product placement.. I have a gazillion chapsticks and I buy a new one EVERY visit... it's out of control...
Ale's a good boy.. We are very very lucky... he has his mother's brilliance and my completely idiosyncratic nature.. and he doesn't even have one of my chromosomes....
So Target.. we are true Target junkies.. I got at least 3 times a week. :)

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