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Monday, April 25, 2011

Settling dust

Yesterday was a day full of busy-ness and family, church and reflection, too much candy and a whole lot of love, running around searching for Easter eggs and squealing with laughter. Yesterday was a whole big full day.

Alejandro and Mommy before church

Ale getting his Easter basket at my mom's house

Ale looking at all his goodies

The littlest easter bunny

Mom watching Ale opening his basket

Nitza and Grandma Gert chatting

Ale and my mom playing Angry Birds

Being silly with the iPhone

Super cuteness

The annual Easter Egg Hunt. Tara racing Ale for Eggs

The hunt in full swing


ALe with his bag of eggs

Ale and Tara searching for eggs

The cutest most dignified ever egg find

Nitza in red

Ale running for more eggs

Grandma Gert with Her Eggs

More running

Nitza pulling up the rear

The lone Nitza still searching

Tara will eggs

Mom, Ale, Tara

Ale eating dinner

Ale and Mommy

Cuteness of Ale

Ale and Grandma Gert

Nitza and Step Tom drinking something

Ale blowing bubbles

Aunt Erin and ALe

The little bunny Ale

It was amazingly beautiful.

Today the dust settles. I am so tired. Ale is at school and Nitza is at work and I want to be productive, but every bone in me hurts. Tomorrow morning I go for an upper endoscopy to see what the story is with the stomach, Wednesday I go see the endontist for a gray spot on an x-ray and then to the oral surgeon... and today I realize that yesterday I just let reality go and I mustered up all of my energy so I don't' have any left today. There are a number of irrational and very real things that are causing me anxiety. It's rainy and gloomy.  I will sleep and see if that restores any energy.  Maybe I need to use it more sparingly. I don't know.  I am tired of medicine and the medical field. I need a break.

Until tomorrow


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