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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 7-- Hartford Hospital Edition- Thankful Thursday

So I am still here in the hospital. This has been a very active visit.  Today is day 8:

My lung capacity has gotten better. My 02 is much better. I had my second oral surgery of the week yesterday. I'll spare you gross details, but there was jaw bone involved.  I'm in a lot of pain, but its being managed. My ABX have been switched up for this oral infection so hopefully there will be no more oral surgeries. My stomach is settling down a bit with a whole lot of medication. I am having low grade fevers, but it seems okay. At this point I'm not certain of the plan for d/c but likely it will be next week. I'm not full of wisdom or quick witted words today.. I'm just me, tired, in pain and praying for the best outcome. I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and gram today and then Nitza and Alejandro tonight. 
I hope that Gavin's great strides walk goes well this weekend and that TONS of people show up and walk. 

Please stop by Sarah Jones' blog. She really brought it home in her last entry about CF awareness. It left me with tears and it's an important message. These folks are so articulate in ways I am unable to be, thank God the message gets out!!

I am grateful for medical insurance and caring nurses, pca's, doctor's, and new friends here at Hartford Hospital. The care is amazing and I know I am in great hands. I am grateful that Nitza had some sort of a weird gut (or god) feeling to nag me about going to the dentist because this infection could have been horrid. I am grateful for my mom, and gram who keep coming to see me every few days driving an hour each way to play cards and keep me company. I love you guys. I'm grateful to friends like Jen V and Sarah J and Josh M and Ronnie S and Sara T who just drop me quick notes to see if I'm okay.We have a stellar CF community. 

Bone Marrow results should be back today. I'll keep you all posted. I'm going to rest and then clean up if I can before Mom and Gram come. 

only Love.


Ronnie Sharpe said...

Love that the lung capacity has increased and I can see that you're looking better...wait, not that you looked bad before, just that...nevermind, you get the idea :)


Tara said...

I adore you Ronnie... Only you!! :)
I do look better... not that I looked bad before... After being in here for a max of 2 weeks, I'll tell you, I have a whole new respect for how long your hole trips are.... that's a whole lot of movie watching

OceanDesert said...

Things are looking up! YAYAYYYA! And you ARE looking better!! HUGS

Tara said...

Thanks Sara.. My lungs feel great, but they are treating this oral infection and are hesitant to let me go. We're going to re-evaluate on Monday.
PS-- My mom watched the royal wedding too:)

Josh said...

Thinking of you always, Tara. You be a baaaaaad mama-jamma. Hang in there like you always do!

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