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Saturday, May 7, 2011

a little of this & a little of that

Yesterday I got the very relieving and wonderful news that my bone marrow biopsy was  N O R M A L. That might be the only thing about me that is normal (joke -sort of). I was so relieved. It narrows down the immune system issues, which I think they have gotten to the root cause of.

I am here with no discharge date on the horizon... but that's okay... I'd rather be here with immediate access to doctors than at home with none.

I had a second oral surgery 3 days ago, and I am still struggling with my mouth and the pain and infection. More to come on that. Nitza brought Ale on Thursday night and it was so great.. I miss them so much-- Last night my dearest friends Kim and Hugh came to visit and I love them... they always make me laugh. Today Mom is coming which I am so excited for as well as nitza and Ale...

Alejandro playing engines on my bed..

Alejandro and Nitza.

School Picture are back!!!!

This one is my favorite!!

Happy Saturday everyone and have great strides walks to all my friends that are doing them today!!


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