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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Cheeks Of A Chipmunk- WHAT?

This is me extremely unhappy about the the swelling in my right cheek, which is the left side of the photo for you all looking at it. I had oral surgery, as noted earlier and the pain is rough. Ice packs are my new best friend. I had a test to see if I had stones in the ole' bile ducts yesterday but I guess its like finding a needle in a haystack so they are going to wait until they are in my stomach tentatively tomorrow, pending the all important ability to open my mouth for the tube to go down.

It's been a rough time here so far. Kidney functions are too high to get vanco 2x/day. They had to take me off some meds for the kidney functions. I am a slurring drunk-sounding person when I talk with out the perks of even a sip of beer :) The pain in my back is still here when I breath, but no pneumonia on x-rays, just a lot of crackles. I've been sleeping a ton and when I'm not, I'm doing a lot of this:

which really makes me happy despite my weird outer space look.

My mom and Tom are coming today with I presume Grandma. Nitza will be around by 1 also. I cannot wait to have them all here together for the sheer hilarity of it all... plus we all love each other so much its great.

I really have nothing profound.... nothing even slightly profound... really nothing much at all, so I'll go. 
 I wish you all out there in blogworld a very beautiful Sunday.



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