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Monday, May 9, 2011

Potassium, Steroids, and Numb Faces

I have had to stop and be still so that I could remind myself that there are truly things in my life that are beautiful and that I am grateful for... these are the reasons I experience such gratitude:

and I am so very fortunate to have a great friend give me a bracelet that says "positivity". I have been looking at it A LOT today..

This hospital stay has been hard. Nitza hasn't been able to be here as often and for as long as she has in the past and I miss her to badly. But its been great in the sense that we've addressed my stomach issues with meds. My mind crushing headaches were referred pain from the horrendous mouth abscess. We found the abscess.  My lungs are rocking.. I will start running when I get out...

It's the mouth healing that is difficult and my Potassium is VERY high right now, which is dangerous for my kidneys. They are doing another draw to determine it the first draw was accurate. My kidney function had been off for most of the 2 weeks so far, but has normalized so I don't know. I am back on IV S O L U M E D R O L... i have 845 personalities on that stuff... and none of them are very nice.

Oral surgery is coming today to reassess. I am numb in my face and the swelling is going back up a little and my fever hovers near 101... but I'm no dentist so they'll have to figure it out. I do have osteomylitis  and I also have a severely compromised immune system so those two don't make for a great date.

So that is the end of my whining session. I know God is watching me. I have family and friends thinking about me and praying for me, but I'm just kind a scared.


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