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Thursday, May 19, 2011

the "e" key & and a thankful thursday

It started yesterday. my the's were th's and e was conspicuously absent from every word I typed... and you've probably gotten by now that I am a talker so that's a whole lot of e's. As a matter of fact,

The following information has been retrieved from

The most commonly used letter in the English language is the letter “e”. This is the case in the general language, in fiction and non-fiction writings, journalism, religious works like the Bible, and even in Morse code.

With “e” being so common in the English language, one would think that it would start the most words. Actually “t” begins the most words, followed by “o.” “E” is the letter which most commonly occurs third in a word, and is the third most common second letter in a word. The most common second letter in a word in the English language is h.

Actually, “e” is far down the list of English language word beginners, and comes in at the 15th place. The five most common letters beginning words are “t,” “o,” “a,” “w,” and “b.”

I miss my macbook. We are very attached. This whole macbook in the shop thing got me to think about how much I value routine and things that belong to me. I am on nitza's macbook air and all the favorites are hers, naturally because its her laptop, and I miss my favorites... all those kind of odd things.

At any rate, I'm thankful for my Macbook and that the apple store was happy I was forthright a about the incident of Ale and the Gatorade that they will try to fix my keyboard for free. No liquid got inside because I flipped it pretty darn quick.  I'm grateful for Nitza who knows me... like really really knows me  which includes the great things, the annoying things and the downright secret things I don't share... she is amazing to me and since we've been together I've never gone a day without feeling loved... or a moment for that matter... she may have put it on hold a few times when I have come home with Ale and great ideas that are really really noisy and she has a headache, but those are fewer and further between.
I'm so grateful and proud of my sister Erin who completed her last nursing school exam and she needs to be pinned and pass the boards and RN world you will welcome another wonderful loving giving nurse. I'm grateful that nitza's parents Dona Lydia and Don Carlos will be coming to visit us the second week of June... YEAH!!! I am grateful for my mom.. who I call a lot of times each day, and she answers a lot of times each day, and she talks to me a lot of times each day.--- I am grateful for S.Tom. If I were every destined for a dad, he is it. He got 4 kids when he married my mom a lot of years ago and we each have a ton of baggage and he loves us for who we are and I'm not sure he even knows we're not his blood children (shhh don't want to upset him!!)

I guess what I am getting at "e" key and all, is that I am incredibly blessed with new friends (DMM) and Old friends (KJ and HJ)... and I have an amazing family and an amazing community and the most precious nuclear family and 2 fluffy doggies. What's better?
Not going to oral surgery today.. that's not better, but I have insurance and hell if they already went into the bone twice and need to again today, what's a third time right?

Pics will commence when I get my laptop back :(

Happy Thankful Thursday All... 


Ronnie Sharpe said...

I would be a fish out of water without both my "e" key or my macbook :)

CFMama said...

My husband just reformatted my laptop and I am starting from scratch, favorites, presents, programs, everything and it is still all messed up. I know how you are feeling. =(

Tara said...

Thanks!! I hope you are all back up and running... I was in the hospital again this last week and read Nathan's story... You are such a great cf mama and Both Teagan and Nathan are really lucky to have both you and Jay as parents....-- I'm sorry to hear PA is back With MRSA... and as for the eating.. I guess you do what you do... I have a very picky 5 year old who eats, but is 40th% for weight and 95th for height.. totally healthy kid and we have opted to make him the 3 foods he'll eat... as for nathan, I know that's a whole other, much more serious issue.. I will be praying for you..

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